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The #ItStartWithMen movement was formed following the never ending killings and abuse of Women and Children that we continuously experienced in South Africa.

As a Father, Brother and Uncle……and a Male Adult who is seen as, and generally is the perpetrator of violence and abuse against Women and Children I couldn’t fold my arms and watch anymore.

I felt the need to act and create awareness amongst fellow Men in South Africa (and Globally), to play their part to support the struggle against Men based violence. 

We don’t need to start too far, we need to start where we are……in our surroundings.

It starts with Us

I am of the opinion that like any other problem solving technique, the first thing we need to find in resolving this issue is the root cause .

“Fortunate” enough under the circumstances, the problem is not that hard to pin point.

The problem is us……Men.

In the majority of cases, we are the common denominator…..this is a Man problem which needs Men intervention.

That is the reason why we need to have a Man 2 Man conversation, starting where you are with your friends, family members, colleagues and whoever you can reach out.

The Cause 

Too many to mention……

But what makes these problems worse is that we as Men we don’t talk about them, we are not allowed to cry, we always need to be seen as the strong ones…….until the bubble burst!

The #ItStartWithMen movement seeks to create awareness and get men to know that it is okay to seek help, it is not a shame to seek advise.

The How

Start where you are…….open the spirit of brotherhood, let your friends know that whatever they are going through you are there to support them.

DO YOUR PART…….we are a broken nation, broken nations are made out of broken families, do your part to fix the country one family at a time.

It is time to MAN-UP!


THE TIME IS NOW…….use our form above to sign up for our awareness campaign and you will receive a FREE T shirt as your mark to show support to the struggle against Women and Children.

This will also let everyone in your circle know that you are there for them and they can count on your help.


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